a big giant spoonful of tradition

9th & 9th 2009 009

me and cath-mom {9th & 9th – 2009}

i kept a running list on the back of a receipt while on my trip home. a list of all the good songs i heard on my mom’s xm radio during our shopping travels. it’s a good list.

i hauled gavin west and one suitcase full of cardigans to utah last week. it’s tradition. we wasted no time. beginning with the c-razy beehive bazaar only hours after my plane had landed. we went non-stop until i hauled gavin west and two suitcases (one full of cardigans and the other full of gifts) home a week later.  every year is different. and this one was not to disappoint. 

9th & 9th is tradition. we dress up for the occasion. no mittens needed this year – but we had scarves. pretty ones. and boots! oh gol – did i have the boots. we graze through children’s hour. it’s our “shop around the corner” and grammy picks  a book specifically for each grandbaby. i pick a cool kid t-shirt for lucas jude and a few secret gifts. we leave them for the ladies to wrap them up with polka dots and glitter and ribbon while we skip across the street for hot chocolate and list making. this year we added in a little gavi – who last year was just a swooshing heartbeat in my belly. 

this year included susan and gus. a mama gathering. in & out burger. home cooked delish by nat and steen and jade. a shopping day with my dad. a portrait session of me done by the coolest mama with a mohawk and a little jay-z in the background. a sneak peak at an amy in love. fat dogs. a tooth! some blush pink j-crew pants. those boots. a house full of couch sleepers. anthro ornaments. jackie-boy. snow! a sick christine – which means i got to see alot of steen. embroidered peace signs and a really really good list of new songs on the back of a receipt.