i create:

ph pby 011

+food that fills bellies
+snuggly bed times
+handsome baby boys
+a warm home
+friendships with my little sisters
+lot’s of miscellaneous phone calls with my mom
+straight sewing lines
+pretty handwritten letters
+a messy bedroom
+smiles for strangers
+loud singing while driving
+just-saying-hello visits to a’s job site
+good mixed cd’s
+the best snail mail packages
+happy doodles
+a budget each month – that i’m no good at stickin’ to
+a creative crafty space
+wiggly boys on sunday church pews
+boxes full of a lifetime’s worth of journals
+a blog that i love
+a sisterhood in my ward family

and you? what do you create?

i am still giddy with leftover spiritual enlightenment from last night’s relief society fireside. it was so inspiring. i am surrounded by the most amazing sisterhood. i can’t even begin to describe it here in blog words. i am supported and loved and filled with gratitude at the realization that i am exactly where i need to be {geographically} at this stage of my life. no words, sisters. no words.

love, lindsay