“and it will be good for me” – kim taylor

“…days like this
you look up at the big sky above you.
…and days like this
you think about the ones who love you…”
++++boyeee 007
tonight’s gratefuls:

+marilyn’s honey bee mix
+the pins on luc’s sunday vest
+my brother’s glasses
+andrey’s new green striped tie & my mustard yellow sunday shoes
+a real conversation with lucas over milk and mr. sketch markers
+amy olsen’s powerful testimony shared in a simple sunday lesson
+new friends & caramel apples wrapped in ribbon & lace
+a couch full of ruby stella pillows
+converse & leaves flickr photo
+thinking about christmas gifts
+gavi’s peace pants
+cath’s visit to the ocean & dad’s casper hot dog
+shanna murray’s autumn desktop calendar
+mario tips from jade @ two in the morning via text  

love, lin