Zoos of North America Tour (hehehe)

It's funny... I posted on facebook today about how much I loved our visit to today's zoo. My friend, Laurie, commented "Are you on the Zoos of North America Tour?" It gave me a good chuckle, and hence the name of the post. Our latest stop on our "zoos of North America Tour" was at Jack Hanna's amazing zoo in Columbus, OH... the Columbus Zoo. It is by far the best of the 4 zoos we've been to in the past 3 months. I think we're done for awhile though, so don't get too excited.

Lucas got to see even more different animals today! We also caught the new Adventure Safari show, which kept Lucas's attention for 20 minutes! I loved the fact that they adopted over 100 cats & dogs from local shelters to include in this show.

We got to meet the baby animals of the zoo too...

the 3 months old baby elephant, Beca

a week old baby silver langur, born orange

Lucas posed with a few animal statues...

He rode the carousel...

And went on a boat ride like a big boy.

Then he zonked out and we headed back to my Aunt Ruey's house, who we're visiting in Columbus.

What a day!! I highly recommend this zoo!!