Baja Zoo

Our trip to Baja Fresh... I mean, the Philadelphia Zoo... was really fun yesterday! So glad we took advantage of our free teacher passes. What a neat zoo! It's apparently the first zoo in the US, and the shade from the beautiful old trees was much appreciated! Lucas got to spend time with Cousin Ryan, Aunt Kristin and Oma too! Baja Fresh on the way home was a nice treat!!!

We got to see a few different animals from Lake Tobias too: giraffes, gorillas, orangutans, polar bears, penguins and rhinos, among others. Lucas gets really excited when he sees the animals. It's so cute!

Lucas practiced his walking too. He's almost there, by the way. Yay! Finally! He's taking steps, even up to about 10 on his own. I'm pretty certain he will be really walking on his own by the end of the summer. It will be a very exciting day for me! This morning he was even trying to stand up from the floor without anything to hold on to. You can tell he really wants to walk, at the very least. Go Lucas!

The Children's Zoo is especially fun there! It's more than just a petting zoo! Lucas got to sit on a tractor with Aunt Kristin... oooooh!

And lastly, no trip in southeastern Pennsylvania would be complete without some plain people. The Amish like to visit the zoo too!