baby signs

Lucas signing "what?"

I just want to express how thankful I am for baby signs right now! Our current communication method is the Lucas method - an oral approach, using AVT strategies and baby signs. I use the term "baby signs" because I don't sign every word that I say, just some nouns, and probably for not even 10% of what I say. But, Lucas is still picking these signs up! And, we're able to use them to check his spoken language only comprehension. It's wonderful and comes in very handy!

It's just a good fit for us right now. Lucas is just not going to be an early talker. Maybe he was just predisposed to talking late, like some kids. Maybe it's because he never heard a word until January 9 because of the ineffectiveness of his hearing aids, and still needs time, like an almost 5-month old (his equivalent hearing age). Whatever the reason, baby signs just make sense for him. For the first time, I almost feel like I have something in common with the mother of a hearing child who chooses to use baby signs with her child to bridge that communication gap, although it's still a completely different world.

Just this week, he learned two new signs - bed and bath. Tonight, when I said "night-night" he signed "bed" and when I said "it's bath time" he signed "bath." As simple as that, I knew that he understood what I was telling him. He's starting to approximate speaking and sign at the same time too, like with "down." The baby signs may fall by the wayside in the months to come, but for now, I am happy for the world that is being opened up for him.