What's Lucas up to these days?

Lucas is 17 months old today, and at 4 months 2 weeks post-activation. Even though I wasn't really expecting it, a part of me was hoping that he might be talking by now. We were always told to keep our hopes high and our expectations low. But I'm ecstatic that he's responding sooooo well to spoken language. Speech will come! I'm also excited to report that he's *attempting* some approximations - bye-bye, down, hi!

I have lots of videos to show some fun things that he's doing! Let me first clarify that any time he responds to something I say, it is with verbal cues ONLY! That means he's hearing, understanding, and reacting! I am just so thrilled!

* Please turn off the music player on the sidebar before playing videos. *

In this video, he's signing down (and a pathetic form of please, but we'll take it).

This is a new one he just learned, while riding in his favorite mode of transportation (the horn is tough to push).

This might just be my new favorite skill that I've taught him.

And you've just gotta love his infectious laugh. He thinks pulling the pig's tail in the Happy Book is pretty hilarious (and maybe my rendition of "boing" too).

I have to tell you though... if there's one thing that I want Lucas to do more than speak right now, it's walk. I know he will eventually walk, but I'm ready for it now. He's not really that close either. He pulls himself up, cruises well, and walks with a two-handed assist. One-handed? Nope, that throws him waaaay off balance and causes him to fall. Standing? Too much balance needed. And I swear if I hear one more person tell me I'm lucky that he's not walking yet, so that I don't have to chase him around, I'm going to scream. He is definitely trying though, and making strides every day. He's also finally able to do this (I love it!).

And lastly, for a little added humor, this is how Lucas likes to crawl when he's in the grass (so as to touch as little of the grass as possible.)

Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! We're celebrating Opa's birthday this weekend too! Happy Birthday, Opa!