"Ears to Hear" Club

When Lucas was first diagnosed, there were few, if any, local resources for me to tap. So, I started my own parent support group / playgroup for families with hearing impaired children. I started it about 2 months ago, by creating a flyer for our local teachers of the deaf to distribute and inviting all families to my home. No one came. So, I created another flyer, just advertising the group in general, and I got two responses!! The one mom and I met about 2 weeks ago for coffee, and she and I are meeting another mom tonight for drinks!

The mom I met 2 weeks ago has a little boy who is 2, and was just recently aided, after 6 months of difficulties. I'm really proud to say that I've helped her a bunch with getting him services, etc. I recommended CHOP to her, and within 3 weeks she had loaner hearing aids for him. When she told me that her son was not yet receiving speech (oh the horror! hehehe), I recommended our amazing speech therapist and told her the right channels to go through. They met for the first time on Monday! I'm happy to have helped someone else on the same journey, when so many have helped me so far.

The new mom we're meeting tonight has a little boy who is 4 with one CI. He's in a reverse mainstream preschool setting. She's EXACTLY the person I want to meet!!! I can't wait to learn so much from her!!

This is truly an answer to my prayers. My world was opened when I found this blog community, and the listservs, but I still yearn for one-on-one parent contact... and I finally have it!

We're going to try to get our boys together sometime soon! And, hopefully other parents will join us!