Good day, sunshine!!

The sun finally started to shine today, after a few days of rain and many days of cool weather! It's amazing what sunshine and warm weather can do for one's spirit! Lucas and I spent the afternoon outside after his nap.

His favorite mode of transportation these days is his buggy (that I bought off of Craigslist for $10, btw). After we went for a ride today, he really didn't want to get out of his buggy. Watch and see:

He has really begun to express himself in this way when he is unhappy. Sometimes I think he throws a temper tantrum because he is 15 months old. Other times I think he throws a temper tantrum because he is still unable to properly communicate with me, although I'm trying my darnedest to give him ways to do so. And then other times, I think it's a combination of both. It will pass, and luckily the times are few and far between.

Then we played in the grass. Lucas has never really done this before, because he was still a little young last year, and couldn't sit by himself during the entire warm weather season. Anyway... he didn't mind sitting in it (in pants, of course), but he didn't want to put his hands in it at first. It was as if he was touching something yucky and sticky. But eventually, he gave in, and even let me lay him down in it. I look forward to more beautiful, spring days!!!

not quite sure...

ooooh... I can play with this stuff!

ummm... how does it taste?

this is kinda weird...

The sky is so beautiful... it even matches my eyes!