Happy Faces Cards

We know Lucas is "hearing." He has been consistently responding to a variety of sounds, including all the ling sounds and some very soft sounds too. Two of the most amazing sounds he has responded to lately are a kissing noise from the book Bunny Kisses, and the noise that the bumble ball makes when turned on. He also continues to respond consistently to his name. My two biggest Lucas indulgences right now: calling his name and having him turn his head, and singing him to sleep (however awful I might sound...). Step one achieved: Lucas has sound.

Next, Lucas needs to make sense of this sound. He's working on it... he responds, although not consistently, to words/sounds like meow, light, various animal sounds, and, of course, his name. I have to keep reminding myself that he had NO visible access to sound before January 9, so he has been hearing for less than 2 months. It will take time for him to process these sounds. *SIGH*

Then he needs to learn to create the sounds. He is saying "mmmm" and "ahhhhh" and has started to make this lip-smacking noise, and say "rarararara" with that awful American "r" sound. That's the dorky linguist in me. Say it to yourself: not "are" but the sound for /r/. It's ugly, isn't it? The Spanish "r" is much nicer. At least he's adding to his repertoire of sounds...

So, in addition to presenting sounds for Lucas to hear, so that we can say "wow, good job turning to the sound!" (that's the easy part) we are trying to get him to recognize and produce other sounds. I'm always looking for fun toys to use with him, and I found these great "Happy Faces Cards" at Ollie's Bargain Outlet for $3. I stick my mouth and nose through the hole in the card and make the various corresponding animal sounds. Since the bunny doesn't make a sound, I repeatedly crinkle up my nose (Lucas thinks that's pretty hilarious). I'm still trying to figure out what a ladybug does or says, and I wish the dinosaur were a pterodactyl, because I can make a mean pterodactyl noise. One of these days, he will make the sound back to me when I hold it up to him... but at least for now, he looks really stinkin' cute!