we interrupt this babymoon...

i've had two full weeks of:

meals+treats+flowers brought in
staying in my bed/pajamas
snuggling my fresh new babe
learning to nurse new babe
sleeping when babe sleeps
wondering what day of the week it is
taking loooong showers
watching new babe stretch and yawn
bathing new babe and lotioning him up
head-over-heels drunk on new-babe-love

my mom/baby catcher/breakfast maker/cupboard organizer/couch snuggler/lukey babysitter/grocery buyer/tea maker headed back home a few days ago. andrey heads back to real work in the morning. this leaves me. and my two kids. for reals. tomorrow. only a few hours away.

lucas jude, who left for a mere few hours a few weeks ago to catch a pine wood derby with his cousins and came home to a new brother is still in a bit of shock. this does not go well at bedtime. or nursing time. or any take care of said new brother time.

the new babe despite my best efforts to quarantine our little bundle has somehow caught a baby cold. this means i will be up tonight watching him breathe. not good for tomorrow morning when lucas wakes up ready to go.

i plan on staying in my pajamas. i plan on not making any plans. not tomorrow. or next week. or next year for that matter. my brains have turned into new-babe-mush. really.

i'll let you know tomorrow if we've survived.
goodnight, loves.