mmmmm, yummy!

So, I commented a few days ago that Lucas has been really quiet since Christmas. It's been kind of disheartening too. Before that, he was pretty vocal for having no auditory input at all. I guess he was implanted just in time.

One of the learn to listen sounds we're working on right now is "mmmm" (also 1 of the ling sounds). I say "mmmmm, yummy!" every time I give Lucas a bite to eat. Well, today, I think he repeated it back to me!!! I got him to do it several times, and I even got it on video. You might be thinking... big deal... but it means that he's hearing it and that he's imitating it!!! Some days I question whether the implant is really working! And today I got some confirmation... Next step is "mommy"! (hahahahahaha)