"he came to meet me..." -hem

lindsay's journal entry - january 28, 2009 10:36 pm

dear baby:
you should see the moon tonight. the tiniest little sliver. it's your moon. it makes me think of you and how you will be here soon.

i can tell.
you're getting ready.
so am i.

it's a big journey you're about to make. you're about to leave your safe spirit place to come and meet me and i can't wait to see you. to look in your little baby eyes and wonder of where you've been. oh! the stories you'll have to tell. we'll remember each other quickly and we'll be old soul-friends in no time. i promise to love you so good - my sweet boy.
love, mama
"he could've been here all along, he could've been anyone
but there is no one who
could wake my heart like this...
could break my world in two

i felt a suddenness

the day fell completely still
the dream was a lot like this
but i never knew until... he came to meet me"