enchila-la-las in a paragraph

the wind is howwwwlin' a little somthin' fierce outside. my red berry wreath is flapping away at my front door and the windows are shaking a bit. a*love is at a movie with friends and lucas jude is tucked safely away - in my bed. thanks to my littlest sister jade my belly is happy and full with my first successful enchilada batch. i've got the "poisonwood bible" cracked open ready to soak it in just in time for book club this month (new years resolution #1). today was spent roaming the town with my gram and nearly falling asleep at the barnes and noble train table. tomorrow will bring a happy lunch with my favorite brother. plus a drive around town in my uber clean passat thanks to my husband who (by-the-way) scored his first real contracting job for his very. own. company. clink! cheers to my love. my blogging brains are stuck these days. i'm back to writing in a real live write-your-words-down-journal (new years resolution #2). so we'll see what ends up spilling out over here, too. soooo for now i'll leave you with this: lucas jude age 2/nearly 3 in his skivvies getting ready to do a little flossing:
goodnight loves,