"my belly is full of light and love"

at 31 weeks my baby weighs about three pounds and five ounces. he's turning a nice pink color and his fingernails probably reach the end of his fingers. his iris's can now dilate and contract in response to light.
"...my belly is full of light and love"


from an email i sent out this week:
"...thank you so much for sharing your words with me. they are powerful and very valuable to me as i'm navigating my coarse. the insight that you shared with me is something that i was hoping the women reading my blog by the hundreds would take away from this weeks worth of birth stories. a little bit of empowerment.

this week has been so theraputic for me. there was something that clicked in me once i said my fears outloud and sent them out to the universe. a circle of loving women that came out of the wood work to share their birth piece/peace with me. i feel braver. still scared. yes. very much. but the fact that this babe will come how he needs to is sitting better with me. i will do my part. the rest will turn out how it turns out..."

my baby boy will be born at his perfect moment

lucas and i have a story. he was born in the wee morning hours of my birthday. it's our day. i worked really hard for him. a labor of love. he wanted me to remember that everytime we share our day. i love him for knowing that i would need that. my sweet boy. such an old soul.

lucas jude born april 7, 2006

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thank you for sharing this healing week with me.
goodnight loves,

dear miss jessie: watch your mailbox for your first issue of MOTHERING magazine. i couldn't be happier to be sending it your way.