1st birthday party

Yesterday was Lucas's wonderful 1st birthday party. I'm really quite pleased with how it went. I wanted it to be special, unique, memorable, and I believe that it was. We had mostly family and a few close friends, about 25 people. The video is of everyone signing "Happy Birthday" to Lucas while we sang. It was very emotional for me. On one hand, it was really cool that everyone was willing to learn and sign it, but on the other hand, Lucas had no idea that we were actually singing to him. In fact, he has no idea what singing is. Next year will be a different story, I hope! The video is a little long... I just didn't know how to shorten it. It will probably get boring after about 1 minute. The rest of the time is him slowly digging into his cake. He puts everything else on God's green earth in his mouth right away, but was quite dainty with the cake. Go figure. It was almost like it wasn't as much fun to get into, because he was allowed to get into it!!! In the end, he still got pretty messy, but it just took him a while. I think he just enjoyed the texture too. Don't forget to turn the playlist off first, before you watch the video.

Lucas got some very nice gifts... thanks everyone! We always seem to have therapy in the back of our minds, and Lucas got some toys that will complement his work with his speech therapist quite well. His Oma (my Mom) bought him a bunch of Snappy Sound books, based on the recommendation of Lucas's speech therapist. They're really fun! He also got a bunch of Little People toys, also based on her recommendation. She said that they provide lots of opportunity for descriptions and narration. So, we're set! Now we just need to turn on that hearing. 5 days until surgery, but whose counting?

This is a picture of the really cool lamb cake that my Nanny made for him to dig into! She made one for me on my 1st birthday too. It will be a tradition.

This is what we were left with!!! The long sleeved "shirt" bib worked really well!

The theme was "The Big 1"! I had these pictures printed in wallet sizes and gave them out as favors. They were a big hit! Lucas's birthday is on Tuesday (the 23rd). What a week we have ahead of us! I'm hoping and praying that surgery on Friday goes as well as his birthday party did!