create. inspire. uplift. enjoy.

i'm on the enrichment committee for our ward's relief society {a wonderful gathering of women}. our committee is chock-full of talented ladies that help put together monthly activities that will aid in strengthening our homes, families and our own personal divine nature. it's been a great place for me to creatively express myself and use my talents to serve the women of our ward. we've been planning a super saturday event. a day to create, inspire, uplift and enjoy.
i had stashed some images in my brain from sarah's september 1st post and was able to whip up this little beauty from the inspiration that the textures and collage-y-ness of her creations gave me. i'm so in love with how it turned out.
next on the agenda is planning the centerpieces for that afternoon's luncheon. i've got these on my mind:
i love that they will bring in a bit of the fall season and also love that i can tweak things a bit to help pull it together with our crafting theme. i've spoken on here before about the missing piece in the synapse of my silly brains. the part that would allow me to turn an idea in my head into the real thing. so we'll see if what i've churned up really comes together. i need to round up some more pretty cake plates if anyone is willing to let us borrow their pretties for the afternoon. i'd love to come up with white or colored ones. and if you've got any other ideas for me - like where the best place to find a box of good lookin' apples is or some nice sturdy sticks?? or even your best caramel dipping recipe and tips??
i most look forward to getting together that morning with such an amazing group of women. i've been trying really hard to "suit up and show up" to these kind of things since we moved back to this town and i've been a bit surprised by the many blessings that i've gained from so many of the women in our ward. such amazing and strong women. such perspective. i love to just sit back and watch and listen and soak them all in. truly an inspired organization. don't you think?
love, lin