bedtime stories

" has been said that guardian spirits watch over and protect small children, and that may be so. but there are also stories of children who find the courage to protect themselves. such is the story of hansel and gretel..."

we're here at my parents safe-house again. i just tucked lucas jude in. up the stairs and to the left is the sunny yellow guest room. the antique wrought iron bed. the flowing linen curtains. and my sweet boy. snuggled in safe. we read my new book tonight and cried sweet tears together when gretel nearly gave up.
we missed our daddy-love tucked in at home and talked about all the reasons we love him so. we sang the simple handful of lullabies together that i sing every night. the tried and true ones. only tonight he asked for a new one. i love my boy and his music-brain-bins.
i think i'll go tuck myself in, too. i'll open the window a crack so that we'll wake up bright and early to the morning songbirds again.

rock-a-bye baby it won't be long.
one magic kiss and a soft little song
sleepy head eyes and a great big yawn, too.
goodnight, i love you.
"one magic kiss" -brandi carlile

what did you sing tonight?
loves, lin