:you've got to give a little:

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i'm going to take her challenge. to stay open-minded and be nice to someone who is different from me. i've found in my life that the people that have the most to give and offer come in so many different packages. i was talking to the passionista the other day about how i have a hard time - even in my own little family to just let my boys be. let them be who they are on their own. without me trying to make them more like me - or how i think they should do this or that.

i'm hoping to give them some space - and see what our week looks like when i give up a little control. i'm hoping to dust myself off and make a new inspiring friend. i'm challenging myself to atleast take the time to throw a smile in a new direction.

will you try, too?
come on. let's start a friendly revolution. i love the sound of that. spread the word. and be sure to sign up for amy's big fat giveaway while you're at it.
love, lin