this land is my land

"thank you for the seeds you've planted in me
thank you for the earth roots at my feet
thank you for the sun that greens my leaves"
-michael franti

our summer adventure began in the wyoming wilderness. tucked in deep with cabins full of relatives that had come long and far to connect our roots. i can't wait to be holed up in the middle of nowhere with so many people that i love again.
my favorite parts: watching cousin elias catch his first fish ever, laughing with the francis girls, a big girl hike with my aunties, four-wheeling to the lake with my dad, seeing my handsome cousins and their fish-gutting-all-things-wilderness-loving-wives, listening to my gram and her sisters tell stories of back then, watching my sisters swing, and andrey (the happiest boy alive) completely in his element.

but there's nothing better than seeing things for the first time through lukey eyes:

a brave boy on a canoe ride with daddy-0

eating his first fresh fish
::caught by reno, gutted by ali, cooked by kyle and devoured by luc::
me and my boy. thinkin' about somethin'
wonder. wonder. wonder.