a. i feel sick. probably because i drank too much chocolate milk

b. i spent >$25 bucks in late fees today because i could not give back those
my-so-called-life dvds

c. luc had a serious cat theme going on with his library book picks today. i. hate. cats

d. i sometimes count thinking about walking when crossing exercise off of my to-do list

e. i love kenny loggins as much as they love michael buble'

f. blogging is on my nerves. so i've decided to challenge myself to a post-a-day this week

g. lucas just rolled out of his nest on the couch onto the floor and is still sleeping.

h. i'm this close to buying a country album. someone intervene. quick.

i. if you don't know about real-mail karma, you should

j. i miss someone.real bad.

k. i've been daydreaming about a bike since saturday

l. i threw a penny in, wishing for some serious graphic art skills. truly. madly. deeply.

m. a*love is addicted to turning on the sprinklers on non-auto days

n. i'm tired

the end.