a slice of peace and quiet

a*love and lucas jude got all bundled up and headed out the door a few minutes ago. off for a manly afternoon of football and buffalo wings. i have been tucked into my bed for the past few days - sicker than a dog. it seems like the raging sick germs have finally calmed themselves down a bit and i am going to snuggle up with my red plaid blankie and use these next few quiet hours to rest and recupperate.
i finally emerged from my bedroom last night and found that andrey and lucas had pitched our tent in the living room and were cuddled up watching videos through the window. our house was completely clean. dishes/laundry/the whole nine yards. there was evidence that luc had been bathed, fed three good meals and plenty of good playing had been done. an armful of fruit andrey had borrowed from my brother/neighbor and a bottled water was waiting for me on the counter. i am convinced my husband is a far better housewife than i'll ever be.

last week was covered in snow. and slush. it came on suddenly (sort of like those pesky sick germs) and dumped and dumped this desert town with piles of the white stuff. more than we've seen around here in a long time. it was beautiful. i love going outside when the storm is finally over. just miles and miles calm. the quiet is almost overwhelming.
i loved tagging along with luc as he made his snowy discovery. he crunched and crunched his footsteps, clapped his mittens and threw the powder in the air, stuck his face in it for a taste and even braved a wild sled ride with his cousins.
the coolest thing in the world is to be in the company of your very own "little" when the earth shares one of her many talents with us. the wonder and amazement is a million times more than it would have been had i been by myself.

with the snow this week also came the news of my dear prophets passing. and just like the storm i was in awe at the calm that followed. i am thankful that my journey so far has brought me here to this week with a great understanding of the gospel and that i was at a place in my life to feel that peace.
and now here we are. february. the calm after the storm. a beautiful fresh month full of celebrating.
we will celebrate amy and her bravery.
we will celebrate sweet amelia and how grateful we are that she was born.
we will celebrate miss natalie brynn... i was the happiest big sister on the planet the day she was born to us.
we will celebrate the marriage of my parents and the many years they have blessed us with how they love eachother.
we will celebrate love with the ones that mean the most to us.
we will celebrate the birth of little faith astoria, my first niece who will need to use both hands now to tell us how old she is...

happy february loves. i must now quickly crawl back in my bed and enjoy these final moments of quiet.

p.s. did you notice all the links.?.. there has been a sort of blogging revolution happening in my family this week and i must share!