a downpour of sorts...

i posted jessie's quote last week focusing mostly on the part about the crazed monkey. how he'd grabbed hold of my silly girl guts and had given me a good shake. not really realizing that the rest of my week would pull out all the stops and my life would be flooded with old friends and new friends... and just as her quote speaks louder than ever... i'd recognize it all exactly for what it was. a downpour of sorts. of genuine happiness. of good people, good food, of happy hearts and even better music. a downpour of true love and pulling together.
this... in no particular order...is how you saved me this week:

{you} rang my doorbell just as i'd taken a big deep breath of "i'm not sure if i can do much more of this day, today." you came armed with secret soul touching music and shared your talent of noticing the pretty ones that most people don't even hear. you were only here a moment but these songs have flooded my home/life/heart this entire week.

{you} watched my boy for hours. took him in and let him run a muck and jump on couches and laugh and fed his belly good. no questions asked. which allowed me to put on my headphones and turn them up all the way, so that i could give this house of mine a good sparkle. you have no idea how this saved me.

{you}, your sweet family and your spring-in-a-can came over for an afternoon of watercolor, happy kids and good conversation. you are full of inspiring everything. your heart is huge. do you know how much it means to this girl? this not-so-brave, sorta crazy girl? that you've noticed what i'm really made of?

{you} sent me a big ol' box of happy things. every single detail had you written all over it and i am in awe of your talents. not just what was in that box but the way that you have followed your heart and paved your path. do you mind that i tag-along? that i click through your pages and wish that i had been brave enough to do that or go there? thank you for thinking of me. for putting such lovely pieces of there into a box and sending them here.

{you} hopped on a first class flight at the last minute with my daddy and spent the weekend taking in the sights and sounds and salty smells of sea-town. my heart smiles at the thought of the two of you holding hands and telling secrets. my heart smiles at the thought of you taking care of you.

{you} put four candles on your little boy's forty dollar pirate cake. i loved celebrating him and what having you guys here in this town really means. it means taking giant leaps and being brave. and every year that he gets one year older and brighter and happier... it means that you're making it.

{you} sent me an email, just a quick hello to say that you can relate. and {you} left me a voicemail and oh! how i've missed your voice. and {you} wore those striped socks that make me giggle, while you did the dishes. {you} whispered twinkle twinkle little star all.by.yourself and {you} started walking!!!! {you} wore your pretty red coat and you've totally got that momma glow. and {you} told me you miss me.

you've saved me this week. and yes. i recognize it all for exactly what it is. a pretty little downpour of sorts. a downpour of good things...