"little darlin' the smiles returning to their faces, little darlin' it seems like years since it's been here. here comes the sun!" -the beatles

spring is here, my friends. well this week it is anyways. it's beautiful outside - everything that i've been craving. we spent a good chunk of time breathing in the yummy fresh air the other day. taking walks and soaking in the vitamin d. i laid a blanket out in the front and let luc crawl free. he's never really got to do any "earth" exploring yet, so it was so fun to watch him discover new things. he crawled through the grass, dug his hands deep into the dirt, tasted a couple leaves and waved his hands in the breeze. he loved it. i loved watching him take it all in.

andrey can't wait to take him on fishing/hiking adventures.

we have this weird problem in our family of personifying things that we love. like our pets, our cars and weirdest of all...our shoes (& even weirder...for amy it's lipgloss*). we give them names and somehow convince ourselves that they too have feelings. making it very difficult to part with things or even to accept new things in. we still mourn the deaths of family pets. like rosie the beast dog and candy the floppy bellied cat. my mom is still having a hard time bonding with her pretty girl passat after selling her montero due to old age. and i have a hard time letting andrey "trash" my jetta girl as a work car even though he's bought us this shiny new acura. (yet to be named). but shoes! it takes forever for us to pick a new pair of shoes. they very quickly become old friends once a purchase is finally made. my mom was feeling a bit sad about putting away her cute winter boots due to the happiness in the weather. this is my favorite tradition of the season transition. giving up on the sock hunt everyday in favor of flip flops or flats and manicured toes. i reminded her how fun it will be in the fall to start wearing wooley socks again and dust off her boot-friends. so the spring/summer shoe hunt has begun. any suggestions for my feets new traveling buddies?

i'm making a public declaration. i need the motivation so this is the only way to go. i want to be able to fit into anything and everything that is cute and summery. so...i'm giving up soda pop. water only for me from now on. i say this as i'm drinking a sonic sunrise from sonic. complete with the lime and cherry. but this is the end for me. for now. today anyways.

anyone else think this kid needs a hair-cut? for his birthday he'll be sportin' a new do. speaking of his birthday. what a bash it's going to be! please come! everybody! i found a place online that i can order those balls that they have in the ball pit at mcdonalds. i think i'll fill up a little swimming pool with them and let all the little babes jump in.
luc is very much learning how to use his voice to express his emotions. his whole body really. he's begun throwing these little tantrums. usually when we're in public of coarse. i'm not sure how to "parent" him at these moments and still let him explore his new voice/yell. he's standing on his own and will probably be tottering around by his birthday. i feel a third tooth finally coming through too. what a nut. this kid of mine!

happy spring, my loves! be watching for spring cards in the mail! if i don't have your address email it to me. stoyan45@aol.com. love, lin
ps. angie-dear. since you're the only one who really reads this thing...is she here yet?!!!